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The Most Impressive PC Technology Unveiled at CES 2024

CES Showcases an Array of Exciting PC Innovations, from Cutting-Edge Cable Management Systems to Compact Mini-PCs.

Following last week’s CES 2024, a multitude of product announcements and tech reveals emerged, including a plethora of new PC peripherals and the introduction of Nvidia’s Super 40 Series GPUs. While not every showcased item stirred excitement, some left a lasting impression that stood out more than others.

Now that the dust of the show has settled for another year, and in appreciation of the most impressive PC tech displayed at CES 2024, let’s delve into three of my favorite announcements.

The ROG NUC gaming PC

In the realm of PC gaming, massive gaming rigs have long been the preference, but this trend has gradually shifted as smaller builds gain prominence in the market. A standout in this evolution, showcased at CES 2024, is the ROG NUC gaming PC.

This compact powerhouse is a mini-PC offering customizable configurations featuring an Intel Core Ultra 9 or Core Ultra 7 processor and the option of a Nvidia RTX 4060 or 4070 GPU. With the flexibility to include up to 32GB of RAM, the ROG NUC presents a compelling option for replacing a bulky gaming rig with a formidable machine that occupies only a fraction of the space.

Nvidia RTX 40 Super series GPUs

Undoubtedly, discussions about noteworthy PC highlights from CES would be incomplete without mentioning the introduction of the new Nvidia RTX 40 Super series GPUs. Representing the next generation, these GPUs bring incremental enhancements to the original 4070, 4070 Ti, and 4080 cards, all while maintaining a more budget-friendly price point. Particularly noteworthy is the RTX 4070 Super, which enhances Nvidia’s already impressive midrange GPU offering while keeping the price tag in a similar range.

ASUS BTF ecosystem

ASUS went beyond introducing a new ROG gaming PC; the company is on a mission to simplify the lives of PC builders, catering to both seasoned professionals and beginners alike. The Back to the Future (BTF) component ecosystem is ASUS’s innovative solution, encompassing specially designed cases, motherboards, and even graphics cards. This ecosystem is engineered to streamline cable management by allowing users to conceal cables behind the motherboard rather than in front of it.

This intriguing system has generated excitement about the prospect of assembling a new PC with these components. The anticipation is high to witness the evolution of ASUS’s BTF ecosystem and the innovations it may bring to the world of PC building in the future.

The honorable mentions

CES 2024 showcased an array of both cool and quirky innovations, such as the MSI Claw and the forthcoming HP Transcend 32. The latter stands out with its remarkable 32-inch monitor, offering an impressive display and KVM support to enhance your desk setup. While a detailed exploration of the Claw isn’t provided here, Lifehacker writer Pranay Parab delves into it more extensively in his comprehensive guide to the most exciting and unusual gaming gear unveiled at CES 2024.